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‘Sip on into Hawaiian time’ with this unique twist on a classic grape! This medium-bodied Pinot Noir with its fruit forward style and oak treatment creates a subtle yet complex wine that captures the beauty and diversity of Hawaii.
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$29.00 per Bottle


100% Pinot Noir grapes (4 weeks barrel aging, Bordeaux Frenk oak)

Tasting notes: Medium bodied, fruit forward plum and currant notes. Subtle smoky, peppery tones and French oak finish. 

Pairings: Seared ahi, salon, lamb, mushrooms, ribeye.

Tasting Notes

Our Pinot Noir boasts a fruit forward plum and black current character, followed by a smoky oak finish. Although it can be enjoyed on its own, this lovely medium-bodied Pinot Noir will enhance a variety of dishes. Pairs well with roast beef, salmon, or an island favorite, ahi tuna.

Other Notes

Through additional cellaring this wine will mature in character, however it does not require additional aging to be enjoyed!
Wine Style Red Wine
Sugar 7.5
PH 3.46
Residual Sugar .4
Alcohol % 12.5
Size Bottle