Grape Wines

The Symphony grape is a white grape that is a cross between Muscat of Alexandria and Grenache Gris. The Symphony grape has a bouquet of peach, apricot, and lychee and our award-winning wines are a fine accompaniment for dinner. As of 2006, we began to switch from just Symphony grape grown at Volcano Winery and have added both the Cayuga White and Pinot Noir grapes.  We will be rolling out estate wines for Cayuga White this year (2013) and because we are aging the Pinot Noir in oak, we will introduce the PN in late 2013.

grape wine types

Fruit Wines

We blend local island fruits like yellow guava and exotic jaboticaba with grapes to create our original Hawaiian fruit blended wines. Volcano Red, Volcano Blush, and Hawaiian Guava Wine are our 3 fruit-blended wines, each capturing its own distinctly Hawaiian twist. Jaboticaba and yellow guava fruit from the island are blended with grapes, resulting in light, fruity wines that are as original as they are bursting with the flavors of the island.



Honey Wine

100% Macadamia Nut honey is used to make our signature honey wine. Honeybees pollinate the blossoms on the island’s macadamia nut trees, resulting in pure Hawaiian honey from the island which is used to make our ever-popular honey wine. A sweet delight for locals, visitors, and anyone who wants a sip of Hawaiian honey wine from the Big Island.