Volcano Blush


Like the trade winds of Hawaii, Volcano Blush brings tranquility and refreshment to your table. This light bodied blush tickles the senses but keeps a bit of its island spice. Serve well chilled, and let the taste of Hawaii sweep over your taste buds like a gentle leeward breeze.

Tasting Notes:

“White grapes and exotic jaboticaba berries from the Big Island are blended together to offer a refreshing taste of paradise. Bathed in a pale pink hue, this non-traditional blush is kissed with a subtle frutiness and then kicked up with a hint of spice for the finish. Bronze medalist, 2006 San Francisco International Wine Competition. Pairs well with Mexican, Cajun or any of the spicy eastern foods from Korea, Thailand, and India, as well as smoked meats and tangy BBQ sauces.”

Blending Detail:
70% Symphony Grapes
30% Fermented Jaboticaba Berries
Alcohol Content:
12% ABV 
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