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Big Island Bees Honey Gift Set


Big Island Bee’s honeys are crafted by 4th generation bee keepers in Kealakekua. In this set you will find 3 (4.5 oz) jars of honey in the following unique Hawaiian flavors:

  • Ohia Lehua Blossom
  • Wililaiki Blossom
  • Macadamia Nut Blossom (this honey is used to make Volcano Winery Macadamia Nut Honey wine!)
Ohia Lehua Blossom
Raw, Organic, Unfiltered
“A delicate, distinct flavor perfect for tea drinkers because it doesn’t overwhelm the taste of the tea. Found only in Hawaii, the Lehua blossom produces a white, smoothly crystallized honey.The inspiration for an Hawaiian legend of love and fidelity; picking the blossom is supposed to cause rain, representing the tears shed by princess Lehua as a result of being separated from her lover, Ohia.” – Big Island Bees
Wililaiki Blossom
Raw, Organic
“The NIBBLE calls this honey a gourmet’s delight. Ambrosial and subtle spicy flavor with a light amber color. Very good in oatmeal, or paired with cheeses and vegetables.” – Big Island Bees
Macadamia Nut Blossom 
“This floral and nutty honey, with its velvety texture and dark chololate color is great on pancakes, waffles, and vanilla ice cream. Also good in fruit salads and herbal teas.” – Big Island Bees


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