Symphony Dry
Our Symphony Dry has a crisp refreshing finish and our recommendations are to pair it with a Green Papya Salad, cheese and crackers, a great Hawaiian Ahi Steak, Poke or even a Seafood Pasta with cream sauce!

Pinot Noir
Although our standard Pinot Noir is made with grape from California, we think our vintner has managed to add a unique Island Flair.  Our Pinot Noir is not aged in oak barrels, but rather oak chips to keep it’s light bodied flavor vibrant.  You will taste forward plum and black currant notes with a light Smokey oak finish.   We recommend pairing it with Mountain Ram Stews, Roast Beef (keep it as light as possible) or Portabella Mushrooms for those of you not into meats.

For those who visit the winery and can buy our Limited Pinot Noir, we will soon to be introducing our own, Estate Pinot Noir (which is also aged in medium toast French oak barrels), you will find a more full bodied Pinot Noir with a more earthy tones that are best paired with a good grilled steak, salmon or tuna.

Volcano Red
What a refreshing change for those who are not totally into full-bodied red wines.  Our Volcano Red is a medium bodied wine that features our islands Jaboticaba berry.  This versatile wine has a fruity black cherry and cranberry start and a very nice spicy finish.  Our recommendations are many, especially if eating some of our traditional Hawaiian meals.  You can pair this very nicely with turkey and stuffing, roast chicken, beef stew, Kalbi ribs on the grill (Korean BBQ), huli-huli chicken (Hawaiian barbequed chicken) or roast duck.  If you want to just enjoy a glass, this wine can make a fabulous Sangria!

Symphony Mele
Made with 100% Symphony grape; it is known around the winery as the “singing wine”.  Mele, in Hawaiian means to chant or sing, and believe us, after a few glasses you will be ‘singing’ its praises too!  The Symphony wine it is a light, semi-sweet wine that is light and goes well with many of our everyday foods.  Pair it with fish tacos, Ahi with mango-salsa, and is great with Chinese, spicy Thai, ahi poke, cream-based soups and stir fry veggies.

Volcano Blush
This wine is also influenced by the Jaboticaba fruit. However it is blended with a white wine, giving you a sweeter wine that you will love to pair with spicy food and BBQ.  We recommend this wine when enjoying pizza, Mexican or Cajun or any of the spicy eastern foods from Korea, Thailand, or India, as well as smoked meats and tangy BBQ sauces.

Hawaiian Guava-Grape
Another unique wine blend is the Guava-grape wine; which is a blend of local guava and white wine.  This complex wine is a boderline dessert wine with a guava start and a nutty buttery finish!  This wine is a perfect match for Hawaiian luau’s and kalua pork.  It also airs well with coconut based Thai curries (such as Panang or Masaman).   Great with a hearty eggs, bacon and French toast breakfast for those who want to get an early start!

Macadamia Nut Honey
As its name implies, this wine is made completely with honey.  However this light bodied mead has a consistency more like wine and canot be compared to traditional mead.  Consequently, it is also quite sweet and should be served as a desert or apetizer wine, either chilled or lightly warmed; Pairing well with heavy cheeses and fruit.  I promise that if you eat a chocolate covered strawberry just prior to sipping this wine, your mouth will explode with excitement and your taste buds will be dancing!
lazy day in the garden.

Volcano, HI is developing a reputation as a premium producer of tea.  Since Volcano Winery began growing tea at the winery, we added this newest member to our wine lineup several years ago.  It has become a huge success as a specialty wine and has several medals from wine competition to prove it.

This wine is made from our Macadamia Nut Honey and is infused with five different estate grown black teas.  Tannins naturally found in tea tamper down the initial sweetness of this wine making it perfect for Sunday Brunch, mid-day aperitifs, fragrant herbal and spicy dishes, or a lazy day in the garden.