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Grape Wines The Symphony grape is a white grape that is a cross between Muscat of Alexandria and Grenache Gris. The Symphony grape has a bouquet of peach, apricot, and lychee and our award-winning wines are a fine accompaniment for dinner. As of 2006, we began to switch from just Symphony grape grown at Volcano Winery and have added both the Cayuga White and Pinot Noir grapes. We will be rolling out estate wines for Cayuga White this year (2013) and because we are aging the Pinot Noir in oak, we will introduce the PN in late 2013.
Fruit Wines We blend local island fruits like yellow guava and exotic jaboticaba with grapes to create our original Hawaiian fruit blended wines. Volcano Red, Volcano Blush, and Hawaiian Guava Wine are our 3 fruit-blended wines, each capturing its own distinctly Hawaiian twist. Jaboticaba and yellow guava fruit from the island are blended with grapes, resulting in light, fruity wines that are as original as they are bursting with the flavors of the island.
Honey Wine 100% Macadamia Nut honey is used to make our signature honey wine. Honeybees pollinate the blossoms on the island’s macadamia nut trees, resulting in pure Hawaiian honey from the island which is used to make our ever-popular honey wine. A sweet delight for locals, visitors, and anyone who wants a sip of Hawaiian honey wine from the Big Island.
Hawaiian Guava-Grape Wine

The Hawaiians are well-known for throwing a festive luau or two, and we’ve captured their inspired spirit in award-winning Hawaiian Guava-Grape Wine. Succulent yellow guava fruit and white grapes are blended to perfection in a sweet golden color…


A truly Hawaiian experience, our Infusion Tea Wine is specialty wine that was born here in the heart of Volcano. This is a bright, crisp, tea wine blended from 100% Hawaii Island ingredients. It is surely, a uniqu…

Macadamia Nut Honey Wine

The sweet delights of the Hawaiian Islands can be found in our own award-winning Macadamia Nut Honey Wine. The luxurious honey taken from the blossoms of our island’s macadamia nut trees, is transformed into an …

Symphony Mele

Open your heart to the music of Volcano with our award-winning Symphony Mele, our love song to Hawaii.  “Mele” which means “song” in Hawaiian, sings through this wine as a truly melodic delight to your …

Volcano Blush

Like the trade winds of Hawaii, Volcano Blush brings tranquility and refreshment to your table. This light bodied blush not only tickles the senses but also keeps a bit of it’s island spice. Serve well chilled, an…

Volcano Red

The Hawaiians have long honored Pele, fiery goddess of the volcano. Known for her tempestuous, passionate spirit we have created a wine in her honor and call it simply Volcano Red, or Pele’s Delight.

Pinot Noir

Drink Pinot Noir in Paradise. ‘Sip on into Hawaiian time’ with this unique twist on a classic grape! This medium-bodied Pinot Noir with its fruit forward style and French Oak aging creates a subtle yet complex win…

Symphony Dry

With notes that come together in a fragrant bouquet this award-winning dry white dinner wine whispers the secret language of our island. The light fruity finish bends into soft floral notes that are reminiscent …

2011 Estate Pinot Noir – SOLD OUT

Drink Our Estate Pinot Noir in Paradise. ‘Sip on into Hawaiian time’ with this island grown grape! Our Volcano Winery Pinot Noir is an elegant, yet powerful wine fueled by the energy o…

2011 Estate Cayuga White

Our Estate Cayuga White is a reflection of the elegance and simplicity found here in Volcano. ‘Sip into Hawaiian Time’, and bring the essence of the island  to your table wi…