Volcano Winery Estate Pinot Noir


Drink Our Estate Pinot Noir in Paradise. ‘Sip on into Hawaiian time’ with this island grown grape! Our Volcano Winery Pinot Noir is an elegant, yet powerful wine fueled by the energy of Hawaii’s Madam Pele.

Tasting Notes:

“Our Estate Pinot Noir boasts an aroma of smokey coconut husk & rich volcanic soil. It has an excellent texture with a gorgeous complexity of black currents, black cherries, and cocoa chips.  This is followed by a medium oak finish with mild tannins. Some may also find a subtle mineral & herbaceous note of mint & eucalyptus.  Although it can be enjoyed on its own, this lovely medium-bodied Pinot Noir will enhance a variety of dishes. Pairs well with roast pork, steak, or an island, and Owner favorite, seared ahi tuna.”**

Blending Detail:
100% Pinot Noir Grape
Grown, Fermented, Processed, and Bottled at
Volcano Winery, HI
Ageing Profile:
Several months in Medium French Roast Oak barrells
All ‘Oak-ing’ done to taste – actual times may vary
Bottled Aged for 1 Year 
Alcohol Content:
**Through additional cellaring this wine will mature in character, however it does not require additional aging to be enjoyed!